Our Core Values

At Magdalene Catholic High School our core values represent what we stand for and are a guide to action. In particular, we value:

Dignity of the human person

Each person is fashioned in the image of the creator and possesses great dignity. We are called to develop a deep respect for oneself and others, to value individual differences and develop pride and confidence in our individual talents.

Sense of community

We are a learning community where students, parents, teachers, pastors and others are in partnership. Through sharing a common sense of purpose, individuals derive meaning and direction in their lives and feel a true sense of belonging. A collaborative, caring community fosters the total development of each individual, allowing one to find personal identity and live a happy productive and meaningful life.


As a Catholic School, we share the Church’s mission of evangelisation: to spread the good news that a loving God, always present in our lives, will bring us to eternal happiness beyond all imagination. We are challenged to learn about the rich traditions of our faith and to provide opportunities for individuals to encounter and acknowledge their God. We are further challenged to put the values of Christ into action in our everyday lives – to be true disciples.

Commitment to excellence

There is a central focus on learning for all students and a commitment to creating a school climate conducive to it. A safe, secure and stimulating learning environment, where students take responsibility for their own learning; a supportive relationship between home and school; committed dedicated professionals; high, but realistic expectations for all students; and critical reflective assessment and reporting are essential for quality learning and teaching.

Peace and Justice

As a Catholic school, we aim to promote each student’s ability to engage in clear thinking, discerning judgement and responsible decision making. By fostering the total development of the individual; mind, spirit, body, character, imagination, young people may be freed from selfishness, aimlessness, fear and self-absorption, thereby empowering individuals towards responsible moral and social decision making.

Service to others

As members of a community, and society at large, we aim to promote a deep sense of appreciation of and responsibility for the needs and rights of others. Just as Christ came to serve, so to are we called upon to live a life of service to all people.


Each person is created in the image of God and is blessed with many gifts and great potential. In the light of faith, our daily lives, in the context of society, derive meaning and purpose. We are called