Gifted Learning

Students join this community of learners at a broad range of points in the learning journey.  Some of our students, due to their natural abilities, fall into a category of learner we call 'gifted'.  The Magdalene approach to learning honours these students by providing a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on identification and differentiation.

General teaching strategies encouraged at Magdalene Catholic College include:

a)     Activities designed to cater for the range of different learning styles

b)    Activities which emphasise language, literacy and numeracy across the curriculum

c)     Tasks which challenge and extend the Gifted student

d)     Encouraging strategies that explore small group cooperation. Students work as a team in order to achieve a common goal.

e)     Professional Development is encouraged in the area of differentiation, through a range of diverse pedagogical practices

f)    Each KLA evaluates its strategies and procedures for differentiated classroom practice assisted by the available data from internal and external sources. Eg. NAPLAN, AGAT and MES.