Junior School

Religious Education is a compulsory course studied in all years.  As part of this course of study, each student is required to participate in day retreats and involve themselves in the religious life of the College. 

All Year 7 & 8 students study a range of subjects as mandated by the Board of Studies, including Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Personal Development/Health & Physical Education, Art, Music, Literacy, Design & Technology.

Language (Italian) and Geography are both studied in Year 8.

All Year 9 & 10 students study the mandatory core subjects of Religious Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Australian History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, plus two elective subjects from the wide selection that are offered. 

Electives for Years 9 – 10 include Commerce, Drama, Food Technology, Industrial Technology – Engineering, Industrial Technology – Timber, Information and Software Technology, Italian, Music, Photography, Physical Activity and Sport Studies, Textiles Technology, Visual Arts.