Week 1 Term 2 2016

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Friends of the Magdalene Community,

Welcome back to Term 2. This term is quite a busy term with students undertaking NAPLAN testing, year group examinations in Years 11, 10 and 9, Magdalene shines, Year 12 moving into their final semester of schooling, subject choices and selections for Year 11 2017 and interviews for Year 7 2017. There are also many challenges in the academic and extra curricular life of the school. It is with this in mind that it is pleasing to witness so many students returning to school with a positive attitude and outlook. This can only enhance their contribution to their education and the education of others.

As we begin the new term I, once again, wish to stress the importance of striving for “personal excellence”. This is essential for every student at Magdalene. This means that students need to continue to develop a positive mindset and believe in themselves. Personal excellence involves continually seeking to improve on what has previously been achieved. This can often involve making mistakes and doing things in a different way. Some students will say they do not wish “to get things wrong” or not wish to “lose” or they “can’t”  do something but each of these challenges allow the individual to grow and have a greater understanding of their own capacity and ability to improve. With a positive mindset and an attitude which suggests students believe they “can”, success will continue to come the way of the individual.

Over the holidays a number of maintenance jobs were carried out across the school to improve facilities.  Ten new projectors were installed across the school to continue the upgrade of ICT facilities. The projectors will enable better quality audio visual presentations and in a number of ways enhance student learning. In addition two new footpaths were placed in the car park area. This will allow movement directly to the footpath leading into the school. This is a safer path for pedestrians as they move from the car park area to the school buildings.

This week our nation stopped to commemorate ANZAC Day. Mrs Forner along with a number of students took part in the Camden ANZAC Ceremony on April 25th which, was a fitting way to express the Magdalene community gratitude to those who gave so much in the support of fellow human beings. I thank all who represented Magdalene last Monday. 

Our community also paid tribute to those brave men and women who served in the armed services and made sacrifices so that people in this country could live in a free and democratic society. Our school was able to conduct our own ANZAC service on Tuesday 26 April. The service was attended by Commander Maxfield from the Australian Navy who is also a parent of a Magdalene student. Commander Maxfield spoke to the students and staff about the nature of the ANZAC spirit. He focussed on courage, self-reliance, mateship, selflessness, bravery, courage and self sacrifice among other attributes. He finished by stating “Soon the torch will pass to you, as the next generation of leaders, to honour the sacrifice of those who have gone before and to live the spirit of the ANZACs.” A very real challenge for every student.

The ceremony proved to be a fitting tribute to those who gave so much for us. It was also an opportunity to acknowledge those relatives of members of our community who served in the armed forces. I thank Mrs Phillips and the students involved for their contribution to the Magdalene ANZAC Ceremony.

ANZAC Prayer

Lord our God, boundless provider,

source of peace that the world cannot give,

kindly hear our constant prayer

for those who bore witness to your own fidelity

by giving their lives for those they loved.

Resurrect them in our true homeland

and perfect that peace for which they longed and died


God Bless 


Mr John Lo Cascio