Week 3 Term 1 2017




Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Friends of the Magdalene Community,

There have been a number of events in recent weeks at Magdalene and, looking back at them, it is quite clear that abundant student and community spirit have been on display.

Last week’s Opening Mass and High Achievers’ Assembly was a wonderful occasion and a fitting way to not only welcome our Year 7s and new students, but to also hear from our highly successful 2016 HSC students. Indeed, over the past week it has been a pleasure to meet these High Achievers, hear their inspiring stories and learn a little about their future study and/or career paths. Elyse Beauchamp was full of praise for the School, the opportunities Magdalene provides and the excellent staff we have. She also gave a number of tips to students about making the most of their time at the School and to maximise achievement.

At the Year 11 Information Evening last week Sophie Cornett (Year 12 2016) was able to share some of her recollections about what it means to be a senior student. Through a mixture of humour and well-thought-out tips and study tricks, Sophie was able to cut to the chase to emphasise the importance of commitment, organisation and passion in one’s studies. These messages are critical as senior students settle into the demands of the HSC.

At the High Achievers’ talk to Year 11 and 12, four students (Elyse Beauchamp, Sophie Cornett, Damon Koulouris and Sophie Vannan) spoke to our seniors about study management, utilising support networks, minimising distractions, finding passion in everything we do and being organised with effective study habits - as early as possible. It was great to hear how each of these students had overcome varying challenges throughout the year and how they ended up excelling.

The Camden Mayoral reception for HSC High Achievers also brought together a number of our students who live in the Camden region who excelled in last year’s HSC. Students were awarded certificates by Mayor Lara Symkowiak and our local State Member Mr Chris Patterson, in an evening which recognised excellence in the region. I thank students and parents for their support of this important event. 

Yesterday, Bradbury Pool was the scene of the School’s Annual Swimming Carnival. The House Spirit across all six Magdalene Houses was most impressive and special acknowledgement goes to House Captains and our Year 12 students for participating to the high degree in which they did. There were a number of highlights, including some very creative costumes, fast swims, extremely loud cheering competitions and hotly contested relays. A genuine vote of thanks goes to all staff involved in the Carnival, to Mr Hewitt for his organisation and all other staff involved in organisational roles. Recognition of parent/carer attendance is also made.

One of the fantastic, although unscripted, aspects of the Carnival was the superb spirit which students brought back with them to the School Assembly area after the Carnival. In perhaps a first, numerous students burst into singing and dancing (led by our Year 11s) and our noticeable community spirit was on display yet again. More details about the Carnival, Age Champions, various other results and a number of photographs will be in future Newsletters. 

The next few weeks are no different in terms of a broad range of events occurring. Staff will be partaking in an HSC Symposium next week with a view to explore current academic results and look to various strategies to enhance these even further. I warmly extend an invitation to all current Year 7 parents and carers to the Year 7 Parent Welcome. 

Various flyers and information will provide more detail, but in a nutshell, parents will get an opportunity (in a relaxed  atmosphere) to meet their children’s Pastoral teachers, get a sense of what we stand for and look to emphasise the importance of partnership between parents and the School. Details about our Open Afternoon and Evening for prospective 2018 students will also be advertised in coming weeks.

I once again commend students on the very settled way in which they have commenced the year and I give thanks to all community members for their contribution to the rich fabric of Magdalene.


For all You have given,

Thank You God.

For all You have withheld,

Thank You God.

For all You have withdrawn,

Thank You God.

For all You have permitted,

Thank You God.

For all You have prevented,

Thank You God.

For all You have forgiven me,

Thank You God.

For all You have prepared for me,

Thank You God.

For the death You have chosen for me,

Thank you God.

For the place you are keeping for me in heaven,

Thank You God.



God Bless

Mr Matthew McMahon