23 June 2017 Principal Blog

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Friends of the Magdalene Community,




The past fortnight has been a wonderful time for Magdalene in the Creative Arts.

Last Thursday night the annual Creative Arts Performance Evening, Magdalene Shines took place and it was nothing short of fabulous. Many family and community members were able to attend on the evening to support our students and they were treated to a broad range of talent. Acts came in many shapes and styles including various dance performances (tap, Irish, contemporary and the MISA Dance team), various musical offerings (the School Band, rock bands, musical groups and solo performances), drama performances and even a comedy routine. Students from Years 7 to 12 are to be congratulated for their spirit and efforts leading up to and on the night. Our Year 12 students also performed with a number of different dance and musical items to conclude the evening. It was great to see so many students understanding the importance of community and celebrating for a collective purpose – their final opportunity to show their talents as one group of Magdalene students.


All in all, it was a marvellous display of talent and staff assisted in many ways in the preparation for the evening as well as accompanying and even performing on the night. A huge thank you goes to Ms Flick, Mr Mäe, Mr O’Donnell, Mrs Durrant for their collective talent and energies in so many areas and Mr Sinclair-Kydd for his work with Year 12. Multiple other staff assisted prior to and during the evening, so I extend my thanks to them.




Following their successful routine at Magdalene Shines, the MISA Dance team backed up to perform at the MISA Dance Festival on Tuesday. MISA is the acronym for the Macarthur Independent Schools Association – a body which provides a range of sporting and cultural opportunities to affiliated Catholic and Christian schools (schools from Wollondilly, Macarthur and parts of Liverpool and Hoxton Park).


The great majority of schools in MISA participated during the Festival and both the ability and energy on show was extremely impressive. While the Festival is not a competition as such, our Magdalene Dance team were able to show off a range of different dance styles and with both boys and girls from Years 7 to 12 taking part it was an excellent showcase of the broad range of talents which our students possess. Thank you to Mrs Durrant and Mrs Rusten for their work on the day.


While we encourage students to have a fantastic break during the coming holidays we are also mindful that attention to study, compilation of summary notes and revision will be forefront in the minds of our senior students. The HSC Trial Examinations commence in Week 3 of the coming term and Year 11 Examinations occur towards the end of the term. Many Year 12 teachers will be availing their time with students to have Holiday Workshops and Seminars in the coming break and so we wish our students well and encourage them to utilise these and organise their time carefully.


Meanwhile during the holidays, a number of works around the School have been planned. I would like to thank Mr Trimarchi, Mr Avalos, Mr Bayliss and Mrs Spencer for all of their work in the organisation and coordination of these.


Works include:

Air Conditioning to Rooms 1-21 & the Science Prep Room

Electricity to the front of the School

Remote controlled front gates

Additional cameras to the front of the School

Gutter cleaning

Installation of new whiteboards to various spaces

Grills being removed from the canteen


Future works over the next semester include:

Hospitality Refurbishment (with an external servery opening into the Year 11 area)

A kitchenette being added to the Year 12 area

An Electronic sign being installed at the front of the School

Also note that plans and submissions for funding for 14 new classrooms have been submitted to the NSW Catholic Education Commission. We are hopeful that funding will be granted for these with a view to building at the beginning of next year.

It is an exciting time at Magdalene and new enrolment offers have been made to our newest cohort of students – Year 7 2018. Unfortunately, we were oversubscribed but at least a number of families will be able to be added to Waiting Lists in case vacancies do become available.



 As our thoughts begin to turn to our senior students as they move towards significant examinations, the following prayer may be of use: 

     Father of Light and Wisdom,
thank You for giving me
a mind that can know
and a heart that can love.

Help me to keep learning every day of my life -
no matter what the subject may be.
Let me be convinced that all knowledge leads to You
and let me know how to find You and love You
in all the things You have made.

Encourage me when the studies are difficult
and when I am tempted to give up.
Enlighten me when my brain is slow
and help me to grasp the truth held out to me.

Grant me the grace to put my knowledge to use
when I need it, confident in the knowledge

that my best will be good enough

 God Bless