FAQ - Should Magdalene Catholic Collage become Magdalene Catholic College?

What does the word “college” mean?

While there are differing definitions, the term ‘college’, like ‘school’, refers to: “ an educational institution or establishment”. Why the possible change? While there may be similarities in terms of definitions and meanings between ‘school’ and ‘college’, often, it is the little things which can make a great difference. The notion of, or use of the word ‘college’, is often associated with the idea of quality and that is what Magdalene offers.

Now in our 20th Year, Magdalene is ready to “step up” and view ourselves with fresh eyes. Schools which do alter their name, often notice a visible lift in the way students regard themselves and the way they view their place of education. As Magdalene continues to develop its ‘Academic Care’, becoming a “College” would have multiple benefits for our students.

Increased use of the term ‘college’

Years ago CEO Wollongong was opposed to the notion of its schools being called ‘colleges’ but this viewpoint has now changed. All new secondary CEO schools developed have ‘college’ in their title, and, of the eight Diocesan secondary and one K-12 institution, four of them are ‘Colleges’. As we move into our 20th Year it is a great opportunity to strengthen our own self-perception.

Would a move to becoming a “College” change the governance of Magdalene?

No. Magdalene would remain a Diocesan school in the Wollongong Diocese.

Would a move to a “College” change or increase school fees?

No. Our name would have no impact on this.

Would a change to a “College” see Magdalene’s logo alter?

The only change would be in the actual name under the crest i.e. “Magdalene Catholic High School” would become “Magdalene Catholic College”.

If this change occurred, when would this happen?

If this proposal was successful, the timeframe to become a College would be at the start of 2019.

Would a change to a “College” result in a different uniform?

If there was a change, the name of the School under the crest would change on various items which contain the full crest, however, any future change to the style of the uniform would not be related. Any changes to these crests would be staggered over 2 to 3 years and students would not be required to purchase new uniform items in that time period.

Irrespective of a possible move to a “College”, it is important to note that the School and sports uniforms are currently under review for this year.