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Each week, our Principal shares his reflections on learning in this Catholic community.


Term III Week 3

Society doesn't always honour its elderly citizens the way it should. Recently, some of our Year 11 students gained the benefit of over 720 years of experience and wisdom when they compiled the life stories of eight residents from Carrington Aged Care. Each Tuesday sixteen students travel to Carrington to visit with and get to know some extraordinary people whose lives teach lessons more valuable than any that can be taught in a classroom.  I wish to share with you the words of a thank you card written by Mr Frank Wood.



Magdalene Feast Day reminds us of what is wonderful about being part of this Catholic learning community. We have so much for which to be grateful, and a day like last Friday is a terrific reminder of all of those blessings.  Mass was celebrated by Father Michael and attended by many parents and guests, including Mr Russell Matheson, our Federal Member of Parliament, and representatives of Catholic Mission, Caritas and our our Parents and Friends. In speaking after Mass, I asked the students to pause and reflect on the things in our life for which we should give thanks. In part, I said:


Term III Week 1

Welcome back to all our students and their families for what will be an exciting term at Magdalene. The first week of term is always an opportunity to reflect on the promises we have made as learners, and for students to build on the good advice they received in their reports and parent interviews. I know of quite a number of students who have used these holidays just passed to close the gaps in their learning that were highlighted at the end of Term II. Such a focus on personal excellence is the key ingredient for success at school.